Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Medicus Driver

The Medicus Driver 

Medicus Driver

According to top golf pros and the pros trainers, the Medicus is the #1 golf swing trainer in the world!!

For years, the medicus and the medicus driver have been the best selling golf swing training aid ever!!

The Medicus Driver is used by over half a million amateur golfers and thousands of professionals worldwide. 

The secret to the success of the Medicus is that when you can learn to swing the Medicus Driver without it breaking, then you are swinging in tempo and on plane. 

The results you will get by using the Medicus Driver are amazing, you can easily and quickly correct your slice and start hitting the ball longer and straighter than ever before. 

When you can hit the ball off the tee and find the fairway every time you will instantly see a reduction in your score and no longer will you spend most of your round searching for your ball in the rough and in hazards. 

Trust me from someone who has used the Medicus Driver, the game is much more enjoyable and rewarding when you can finally hit'm long and straight off the tee like the pros on tv. 

So don't wait any longer, give the Medicus Driver a try, you will be glad you did!!! 

Rest easy knowing that your purchase is backed by a full 60 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. 

Includes Free Putter Trainer
Free Bonus Dvd's "Drive Like a Pro" and "Top Tips From Top Pros"
Patented Dual Hinge Lets you know when you swing incorrectly
Instantly identifies the flaw in your swing
60 day money back guarantee

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Medicus Driver Review

Medicus Driver Review

Hey, Justin here

You have found my uncensored Medicus Driver Review, below you will find out exactly what I really thought about the Medicus Driver.

Note that this is just a review though, if you're looking for the Medicus Driver website then click here Why am I writing this review?

Well when I was thinking about buying a Medicus Driver, there weren't many real reviews around so I thought I'd write one quickly to help out anyone who found themselves in the same position that I was in.

Medicus Driver Review

The Medicus line of products are the most popular golf swing trainers on the market and have been for a long time. What makes Medicus so special? The Medicus line of swing trainers are so popular for several reasons:
  1. Medicus Driver - is very affordable on almost any budget
  2. Medicus Driver is tested and proven to improve you golf swing and lower your score
  3. Several top professional golfers use and endorse the Medicus Driver
  4. The Medicus Driver provides instant feedback and pinpoints exactly where the problem is in your golf swing.
  5. You can actually hit the ball with the Medicus Driver which is not the case with many other golf swing training aids.
My Medicus Experience
I work for a local golf course here is Georgia and one of the many benefits of working here is that we get to hit range balls and play as much golf as we want for free, so bet your ass I am out there everyday, working on my game.

One of the members at the course was on the driving range a couple of weeks ago and I noticed that he was using a Medicus Dual Hinge Driver, I had heard of them and have seen them in catalogs and magazine but never actually got to use one.

I watched him swing the Medicus for a little bit then struck up a conversation about the club, he said that he has had the club for about 2 months and since using it he has shaved 8-10 strokes off his game and increased his accuracy and distance.

Skeptical yes, did I want to try for myself, Hell yes!!

So he agreed to let me try his Medicus and after about 20 minutes of attempting to swing the Medicus Driver without it breaking, I was actually able to complete an entire swing and make contact with the ball.

It seems that the swing I had been perfecting was full of flaws and it started with my take a way where I was jerking the club back and raising it too soon.

Once I was able to correct the take a way, on to the next problem and the next. I normally am a 6 to an 8 handicap so there is plenty of room in my game for improvements, I liked the way that the Medicus Driver gave me instant feedback and that I was able to hit balls with it, so I ordered one for myself.

When I bought the Medicus 460cc Oversized Head Driver I purchased a $39.95 30 day risk free trial, I then only had to pay 3 more payments of $39.95 plus it came with all these free bonus items:
  1. The Medicus Dual-Handle Putter Trainer which attaches to your putter to improve your putting stroke by teaching you the proper back and fourth pendulum motion.
  2. Drive Like A Pro Instructional DVD featuring Mark O.Meara
  3. Top Tips From Top Pros DVD
  4. The Swing Like A Pro DVD
  5. 10 Minutes to Tremendous Power E-Book
  6. 30 day No Questions Asked Risk Free Trial
  7. Free Shipping and Handling

Medicus Driver Review

I have had a Medicus Driver for about 2 weeks now and I can honestly say that I have used it every day, either at home or on the driving range before the round starts.

I can see improvements in my distance and accuracy off the tee, these are areas where I felt I was normally pretty solid at before, but almost every round I would have one bad tee shot that would end up costing me at least a stroke or two, getting those strokes back over these last couple weeks has been exciting and now I am able to consistently shave 2-3 strokes off where I was before the Medicus.

My short game is my strongest asset on the course, it is the area I spend the most time practicing and training so I was not interested in the OverSpin putter by Medicus, I will stick to my Scotty Cameron Newport.

If it ain't broke don't fix it, right, but I just received my Medicus Dual 2000 5-iron yesterday and got to use it this morning.

I am going to play around with it over the next few days and will come back and share my thoughts on it as well.

I am pretty accurate with my short irons but from time to time I miss the mark with my long irons and I feel that the Medicus Dual 2000 5-iron will help get that part of my game back on track as well. Medicus golf training aids are used by over a million amateur golfers and thousands of professionals and have been chosen by golf pros as the #1 swing trainers in the world!
Medicus Driver Review
In closing I will say that after a couple of weeks of use with the Medicus Driver that I have seen immediate improvements in my game and I am a everyday golfer with a 6 handicap, so just think what it would do for someone in the higher handicaps.

Normally in my reviews I will point out the good and the bad of the product. We have already seen that the Medicus Driver is winner and does actually do what it sets out to do.

I really do not have any negatives to list about the Medicus driver except that it is heavier than my normal driver so that when I switch back I tend to swing a little harder and faster (not sure if that is a negative because I am getting increased distance).

I can also see where you can manipulate the Medicus to not break if you swing the club in certain ways, this one you would have to try for yourself as opposed to me trying to describe it here.

Overall I would give the Medicus Driver two thumbs up, from someone who has been around the golf industry for a long time I can honestly say that this swing trainer is one of the few on the market that will improve your game.

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